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e-Procurement Implementation Support 

Strategic Sourcing An e-Procurement system can significantly impact your company.  Installing your software may be the easy part.  Getting your company to use the software effectively is the real challenge.  Low acceptance rates, failure to fully automate legacy processes, and poor catalog content can all derail your project.  The JPS Group can help your implementation succeed through the following services:

Purchasing Process Redesign
The procurement function is vital to your organization and the shift from paper to web-based procurement processes can be complex. The JPS Group has significant experience in e-Procurement process redesign. We offer ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ process development, but we also go beyond that by ensuring your new business processes align with corporate and sourcing strategies and can be implemented. The JPS Group can help your company take the next step to streamlining your procurement processes.

Change Management and User Acceptance
The importance of change management and user acceptance in an e-Procurement implementation can not be understated. Users typically have misgivings about new systems and are reluctant to change. We at The JPS Group understand this dynamic and have experience in gaining User buy-in that is critical to success.  We can implement tools such as the balanced scorecard or “management dashboard”, tailored to your company, utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including spend throughput, number of transactions, and external benchmarking. Help your company adjust to working on the web by utilizing our knowledge and resources.

User Training and Rollout Support
We understand e-Procurement from both the implementation side and the user’s side. This perspective allows The JPS Group to effectively transition your user base to e-Procurement. We can offer basic and advanced training for your software solution, as well as punch-out / round-trip integrated catalog training.

E-Procurement Implemtation Support
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