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Supplier Enablement 

Strategic Sourcing The Challenge
e-Procurement software solutions have the potential for producing an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) while providing for:
  • Reduced transaction cost (elimination of paper processes)
  • Greater purchasing compliance (less maverick spend)
  • Better negotiated pricing through aggregated spend

ROI, however, has been difficult to realize as electronic integration with suppliers has proven to be an enormous challenge. Each supplier must be educated on the e-procurement business case and the technical requirements for producing electronic catalogs This is not always presented as a compelling case for the supplier and therefore leads to a lack of commitment.

Our Solution: Rapid Enablement Methodology

Based upon first hand experience dealing with the frustration of slow supplier enablement, The JPS Group developed the Rapid Enablement Methodology to speed and enhance the process of enabling suppliers. At the highest level, this system consists of the following phases:

This proven approach, coupled with our expertise and experience will provide your organization with higher rates of supplier enablement and faster integration so that your e-procurement system realizes its intended objectives. Contact The JPS Group today to find out how we can help you.

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Supplier Enablement







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